Monday, May 18, 2009

Documentary Opening Shot

The problem is that people in the U.S aren't as much concern about teen pregnancy.The audience would see pregnant teens images .They would see certain teens girls regretting the mistake they made.We would present it by catching the people attention at the star of the documentary.I would conclude the documentary

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thesis of my documentary

The issue I am adressing is teen pregnancy.The message is for teens to stop getting pregnant because after that happen it is going to change/mark their whole life.For ex, after they have a kid they go to drop out of school,then after time past they have to start working in a job where they are going to be killing their self for such a small amount of money( just because they didn't went to college).Besides maybe the father would feel he has other responsibilities and he would leave the girl alone. Also sometimes their mother have some dramatic reactions and leave their daughters alone in that painful moment(kick the out the house).So the message is to think ahead before doing things.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

social issues teen pregnancy

A issue that I think is very interesting is teen pregnancy.This issue is seen everywhere.Besides there would be many difficult consequences after the baby is born.Maybe the mom family won't have enough money,she have to drop out and maybe even be in risk to loose her live just because she might be to young to have a child.I think that there should be a solution for this issue that isn't just abortion.I also believe that when this teen girls get pregnant their mom shouldn't kick them out of the house because its the moment that the girl would mostly need them....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

book club blogger

This book is about a teen name Anne Frank and her experience while hiding in a secret attic.She had a diary in were she wrote everything that happen to her and which mostly effected her own life .She also wrote events about people who surrounded her.
I really don't know anyone who is passing through the same situation as any character in the book.I believe that those characters lives have many differences and similarities from me .Two differences are that they were mostly in the old times when there was a holocaust and the victims had to choose between going to concentration camp, die, or hide.Two similarities are that there were also many people that maybe though the way I would such as Anne father ,when he decided to go undercover so he and his family would be a little more safe.Also I could compare Anne to many people in this world , because she was a normal teen that was a little curious about things,wanted to know what was happening, and liked to be hanging out with her friends and got to parties (before going under cover).
One of the saddest part of the story was when Anne was describing how many of her friends were taken away by the dozen,by Nazis.While I read that part I felt as if she also felt that they were going though.Also I think one of the happiest part was when she had her boy friend at first when she was like kind of shy and a little strick.
I think I could recommend this book a little because it talks about a girl experience while hiding and it could be very interesting to many people by the reason its nonfiction.The other part I don't recommend it is because sometimes in the book Anne doesn't keep you so interest in the story and also at the end some people would have liked to read about what really happen to her in the camp and it was also really sad in some parts.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Book club Author's voice

If I could choose a celebrity who's voice is ideal I will pick Matilda.I choose her because While watching here movie I saw her voice/thoughts come through.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shortstory introduction

"Oh do you see her with those black

shoes ,tight jeans ,and baby phat shirt,"Alia madly told her friends or better say her 2 mosque-tiers..Her eyes were furious, and full of envy.
"Why, does she got to have everything I want." Alia's face got as red as a tomato as she saw the meanest girl (Anais) past by with the cutest boy in the whole school (Christ)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anne frank book club response 6

If Anne Frank was alive today she would have Had more fun in her teen live.Maybe she would goto more parties and
Enjoy her live more.Also she would have Maybe even been a little wild/disrespectful girl.I think this because in day now there are kid who don't act like people because they don't get the education needed.I also think that she wasn't even going to be famous because the one that have her fame was her diary and only because it was a very historical moment.